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The Story Behind Creative Patriot

Creative Patriot was started by reading through Quora and Reddit posts. I’ve seen many people request plugins or themes that haven’t been built yet so i decided i will build these out for these people.

Latest Plugin

Image Framer

Image framer lets users upload their photo and add a frame from one of our 27 images. Then they can download it to their computer.

Device Status Tracker

This plugin allows customers to check his device status. With the PRO version it will auto email the customer when you update their device records.

Behind The Scene


I am a PHP/Web Developer. I have been doing contract/freelance work for the last four years; during that time, I’ve built everything from custom webpages, custom APIs, developed multiple WordPress plugins and everything in between. My local clientele has carried me for the last four years, but I am now looking to expand into the online platforms. I am awarded on Nokia’s hall of fame for bug hunting; web security is a hobby of mine, so expect secure code when I complete your projects. Please reach out if you have any questions; I look forward to working with you.